Freeman and HardenTo our customers, consultants, and brokers:

Happy new year from MedBen! In 2018 we celebrated our 80th anniversary, which gave us a chance to reflect on our beginnings and growth as a health benefits manager. It’s great to reminisce but we prefer to look forward… so in 2019, we’re all about what’s ahead for MedBen and, more specifically, for our clients.

In recent months, we’ve read multiple articles that extol “innovative” new ideas other benefit managers are using to lower their clients’ health care costs. We agree that they are great ideas and many of our clients have had these strategies in place for years and already benefit from healthier employee populations and reduced coverage costs.

Benefits management is an ever-changing enterprise, and simply staying the course can be a poor decision. Instead, MedBen remains proactive – anticipating, researching, and experimenting with ways to help you enhance your health care coverage.

Traditional plan designs are giving way to such alternative cost-saving solutions as direct-to-employer contracting, reference-based pricing, and bundled payments… all currently available through MedBen. Likewise, we’ve moved away from conventional prescription drug coverage to offer pharmacy plans built around the actual cost of the drug, rather than an artificial wholesale price. In the coming months, we’ll be talking to you directly about these and other ways MedBen can improve your plan.

We should note that MedBen never makes changes just for the sake of change itself. Our continual goal is to take what’s already good and make it better, be it a better savings opportunity or a better service technique. We’re excited about what MedBen has in store this year and look forward to sharing it with you.

As always, we appreciate the trust you place in us and pledge to continue working hard to earn that trust. Should you ever wish to talk directly to us about your plan or MedBen services, please call us at the numbers listed below.

On behalf of the entire MedBen staff, we offer you our thanks and very best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Doug Freeman
Executive Chairman
(740) 522-7339

Kurt Harden
President & CEO
(740) 522-7345

A quick reminder: MedBen will be closed on Tuesday, January 1 and reopen on Wednesday, January 2 at 8:30 a.m. EST. Should you have a claims or benefits question, please visit MedBen Access. Our online service center is available 24/7 for your convenience!