“Self-funded employers require new standards in data warehousing and analytics to support next generation healthcare strategies,” states an Employee Benefits Network article. MedBen has long subscribed to this thinking, which is why we offer all clients access to MedBen Analytics, our online reporting portal, at no additional cost.

Just like our self-funding solutions, MedBen Analytics offers employers and brokers unmatched flexibility. An executive dashboard allows for instantaneous access to plan data, with detailed information accessible through a few simple clicks. And you can benchmark your plan against regional and national norms to see how it’s performing compared to others in the market.

But while having the data is important, it means nothing unless it’s actionable. MedBen Analytics has proven to help self-funded clients find areas of potential savings and act upon them. Clients can use the portal to make plan changes that direct employees to high-quality/lower-cost care, educate their population on prevalent chronic conditions, and remove or add language to make their plan as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

If you’re a current MedBen client who isn’t currently using MedBen Analytics, contact Marketing Analyst Morgan Hardy at 800-423-3151 ext. 424 to help get you started.