To keep you “in the know” about mandatory regulatory due dates for health plan sponsors, the MedBen Compliance team recently compiled a “Self-funded Plan Sponsors Annual Compliance Deadlines” list. We encourage you to download this document and keep it handy.

Highlighted deadlines include:

  • ACA Deadlines – Exchange Notice and Group Size Determination
  • IRS Deadlines – Forms W-2, 1094 and 1095 Reporting
  • PCORI Filing Deadline
  • Medicare Part D Disclosure and Notices
  • Other Required Forms and Reports

Of course, we will continue to notify you of upcoming deadlines as well as any date changes or other changes to the list. MedBen clients who have any questions about the document or specific deadlines listed are welcome to contact Caroline Fraker or Erin Kelly in the MedBen Compliance Department.