Want to make your life – specifically, the part of your life that involves health plan administration – simpler? The next time you run reports from the MedBen Analytics employer dashboard, bundle them!

Bundling combines all your selected reports into a single file, complete with a cover page and table of contents. It’s a particularly useful feature if you run the same group of reports every week or month.

To create a bundle, log into MedBen Analytics and:

  1. In the Report section, click on the checkbox next to each desired report
  2. Click “Create Bundle.” In the Create Bundle screen, give the bundle a name and description
  3. If you want, you can click & drag reports from “Available Reports” to “Bundled Reports” (and vice versa), and click & drag reports to reorder.
  4. Click “Save Bundle” to save your changes.

For added convenience, bundles can be auto-generated on a schedule determined by you… or if you prefer, MedBen can do it for you! If you’d like help customizing and scheduling bundles, contact your Account Manager.