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If you’ve been nervous about visiting your dentist during the pandemic, extra measures have been put in place to protect patients – and an expert suggests that you not wait too long before your next exam.

“Untreated dental disease is only going to get worse. And we know there’s a link between oral health and systemic health. For example, poor periodontal health is associated with heart disease,” said Dr. Cecile Feldman, Dean of Rutgers University’s School of Dental Medicine in New Jersey.
Feldman noted that dentists have for decades used personal protective equipment like gloves, masks and eye protection, and emphasize office cleanliness. But to guard against COVID-19, practices are also screening patients for symptoms, limiting appointments, and monitoring office personnel. “With COVID, when we know more, we’ll be able to determine if the extra precautions we’re taking are necessary,” Feldman said.
Of course, safety works both ways. If you’re not feeling well on the day of your dental appointment, call and reschedule.