U.S. CapitolA recent Wall Street Journal editorial warns that government efforts to address prescription drug prices could produce undesirable consequences… and it’s why MedBen Rx believes that market-driven solutions are the preferable method to reducing consumer costs.

As the editorial notes, congressional efforts to pass a law allowing Medicare to “negotiate” drug prices would impose price controls that “sap the incentive to innovate.” Likewise, a proposed bill to bring drug prices in line with other countries under threat of pulling patents asks drug makers “to spend years and take extraordinary risk to develop drugs, even as government could invalidate their patents on a political whim.”

No one disputes that U.S. drug prices are too high, especially the specialty drugs that treat complex conditions. But overall price growth has slowed in recent years, aided by a focus on using generic alternatives… endeavors driven largely by employers and private-sector administrators. That said, there’s still plenty of flexibility to further reduce costs.

MedBen Rx offers proven solutions to lower your pharmacy plan costs. Our programs take an uncommon but wholly logical approach to drug prices – namely, what your plan pays for a medication should reflect what the pharmacist pays (plus a reasonable dispensing fee).

Rather than relying on bureaucratic promises, MedBen Rx will help you pay less for prescription drugs… period. Learn more by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at 888-627-8683 or bfargus@medben.com.