Following news that digital health companies GoodRx and BetterHelp shared sensitive user information with advertisers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has requested funds for ensuring health privacy in its 2024 budget proposal.

The budget request sites merger activity, market concentration and related competition concerns that have “dramatically increased” the pressure on the FTC’s resources in recent years. Increasing the ability to investigate and litigate is necessary “to meet the increasing, broad-based anticompetitive challenges in healthcare and technology markets,” the proposal says.

MedBen, too, is dedicated to protecting your health privacy. Every employee is trained on ensuring the confidentiality of member information, and regularly reminded to stay vigilant for potential violations. Per HIPAA Privacy rules, we treat member protected health information (PHI) with utmost care, using multiple tools to communicate PHI in a secure manner.

One more thing: You can be sure that MedBen will never sell your data to any vendor or outside company. If you ever have questions about how we maintain client privacy, contact contact Caroline Fraker or Erin Kelly in our Compliance Department.