MedBen Analytics COVID-19 Impact DashboardOur new MedBen Analytics COVID-19 Impact Dashboard offers a convenient way to see how the pandemic has affected your group’s health plan, and also allows MedBen to track how COVID-19 has changed health care utilization for our entire block of business. You can download a MedBen COVID-19 Impact Dashboard summary at
Overall claims volume and costs have seen steep declines in the first half of 2020. For all MedBen clients from January 1 to June 30:
  • Inpatient days per 1,000 members dropped 55.2%, while outpatient surgeries fell 42.5%.
  • Emergency room visits per 1,000 members fell 49.0% and urgent care visits dropped 62.2%.
  • Office visits per 1,000 members declined 23.3%.
  • Claim costs per member per month decreased 16.5%.
  • Average medical/pharmacy claims per member decreased 16.3%, with medical claims falling 19.5% and pharmacy claims decreasing only 12.0%.
The pandemic has had the opposite effect on telehealth utilization, which spiked 2,512% from January 1, 2020 to May 31. Most telehealth callers use the services for mental health conditions, such as mood and anxiety disorders and depression.
You can get a COVID-19 Impact Dashboard summary for your plan at your next MedBen review. To set up a review meeting, contact your Account Management team. If you have any questions about using MedBen Analytics online platform, please contact Marketing Analyst Morgan Hardy at