doctor and patientA National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions survey asked employers what they thought were the greatest threats to coverage affordability. Their responses… and how MedBen counters these concerns with proven saving solutions:
  • Drug prices are a threat to affordability (say 90% of employers). MedBen Rx clients beat national pharmacy programs by an average of 14.8%.
  • Lack of transparency (73%). MedBen clients enjoy full transparency, knowing where every medical and pharmacy dollar goes… and why.
  • Hospital prices (71%). MedBen clients using alternative reimbursement strategies like direct-to-employer contracting and reference-based pricing spend 24.7% less on health costs than traditional PPO plans.
  • Surprise medical bills (58%). Our direct-to-employer contracting solutions eliminate surprise medical billing issues.
  • Overuse of low-value services/waste: (53%). MedBen forensic claims analysis ensures clients pay only for necessary services, which can significantly reduce plan costs – saving an average of 57.9% on targeted claims over and above PPO discounts.
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