The Texas Attorney General’s Office recently announced the recovery of $42.7 million in taxpayer funds… the result of enforcement action against six pharmaceutical drug manufacturers alleged to have committed fraud. The companies’ violations included providing nursing and reimbursement services to Texas Medicaid providers for certain pharmaceutical drugs, and paying clinical nurse educators to refer or recommend the drug Vyvanse to providers.

Such (allegedly) unethical behavior is, sadly, not uncommon on the state or the federal level. In June, drug wholesale distribution company executives were among 78 people charged by the Department of Justice for participating in health care fraud and opioid abuse schemes totaling over $2.5 billion.

MedBen Rx also has safeguards in place to control pharmaceutical fraud, waste and abuse. Every pharmacy claim we receive undergoes the same level of scrutiny as your medical claims, incorporating advanced software adjudication as well as review by our team.

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