When you place your trust in MedBen, we pledge to never take that trust for granted… and when it comes to data security, we have always been vigilant. Here’s why:

Since 2016, health care ransomware attacks have resulted in downtime-related losses of more than $77 billion for the U.S. economy. According to Becker’s Health IT, these incidents have affected 9,870 health care facilities and potentially compromised more than 52 million patient records.

Long before such system hacks were even a practical consideration, MedBen has been on the forefront of protecting your data. Early on, this simply meant backing up client information on tape to guard against loss… but nowadays, our MIS team enlists a wide variety of external, internal, and physical safeguards to protect your data.

Among the many protections in place, we employ an outside security company that randomly attempts to penetrate our systems through a variety of means. This may involve a straightforward attack – say, sending fake emails with viruses attached – to something more unconventional, like rummaging through our outdoor dumpster for personal information. Should even the smallest vulnerability be uncovered, we work quickly to correct it.

In addition to MIS protections, every MedBen employee is required to attend regular HIPAA and HITECH training. These sessions include detailed information about privacy and security rules, and ways to stay attentive online as well as in our office work areas.

Clients with questions regarding our cybersecurity measures are welcome to contact our Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Security Officer Wendell Crain at wcrain@medben.com.