A recent Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey projects 2024 cost trend for prescription drugs to approach 10%… but specialty drug trend alone may reach 15% this year, as increased use of expensive drugs continues to drive costs up. (We’ve actually seen specialty drug costs make up 60% or more of a health plan’s drug spend.) Fortunately, MedBen Rx has an effective way to beat this trend.

The MedBen Rx Benefit Presentation Program uses highly competitive solutions to deliver best-in-market pricing. Our advocates find programs to reduce or eliminate the patient’s specialty drug cost to the greatest extent possible.

Our advocacy efforts focus on accessing a variety of available resources, including manufacturers’ programs, grants, and public and private foundations, to name just a few. In many instances, plan members can get drugs that are free to them and the plan. And when payments are necessary, MedBen can administer a limited-use or post-deductible HRA for members.

The Benefit Preservation Program is a fee-based service that helps you confront a major cause of high drug costs. Get full details by calling your broker or contacting MedBen Rx at 888-627-8683.