Even with a solid primary network plan in place, expensive out-of-network medical bills can result in higher-than-expected health care costs. To guard against this, MedBen offers Unwrapped, a comprehensive pricing solution that reduces your billed changes by an average of 76%.

Provided in partnership with The Phia Group, Unwrapped secures payment amounts based upon fair market guidelines. In the rare instances of balance bill disputes, they are resolved without affecting plan participants.

Unwrapped is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current plan:

  • Every out-of-network claim undergoes the Unwrapped process, regardless of size.
  • Claims flow is similar to network claims. Once Unwrapped ensures accurate claims repricing, the claim is returned to MedBen for regular processing.
  • The only fee for this service is a percentage of the savings achieved on out-of-network claims.
  • We provide industry-leading plan language to protect your plan assets.

Unwrapped is an ideal savings solution for employers who prefer a network plan structure but want to maximize their savings. Get more information by calling MedBen at 888-627-8683.