job interviewA Benefits Pro article entitled “How top employers are upping their benefit packages to attract talent” hits on many of the key components of self-funding. According to a recent survey, the most-cited ways that employers strengthen their employee rewards include enhancements to their medical, prescription and wellness benefits.

MedBen stands ready to help employers enhance their current benefits package, to not only attract new employees but maintain current talent. And if you’re satisfied with your current TPA but want to enhance your pharmacy benefits, our proprietary prescription program MedBen Rx Advocate can be integrated with your medical coverage.

Of course, MedBen also offers such services as worksite wellness, FSAs and HRAs, and vision and dental coverages, enabling you to build a complete benefits package.

For more information about how MedBen can help you “up” your benefits package, contact Sales and Marketing at 1-888-623-2365.