Doctor with PatientA recent survey found that while 57% of Americans expressed concern about developing cancer, only 24% indicated they incorporate cancer prevention practices into their daily lives. MedBen WellLiving is working to help employers and plan members close the gap between education and preventive action.

WellLiving is built on a “physician-first” foundation. When a plan member establishes and maintains a doctor-patient relationship, the doctor will be able to recommend specific cancer screenings based on the member’s specific case and medical history.

In addition, WellLiving has a list of recommended wellness screenings based on demographics. Utilizing our online portal, members can easily see their current compliance with recommended wellness and cancer screenings.

And while a healthier employee population is the goal, the financial results also benefit the employer. Through WellLiving in 2018, clients were able to achieve a per employee claim cost that was 5.4% below non-WellLiving clients, even accounting for increased primary care visits.

For more information on how WellLiving is helping to promote cancer preventive, contact us today at 800-827-8683.