A new Aflac Wellness Matters survey found that about 1 in 4 employed adults in the U.S. skip regular checkups because they feel healthy, don’t have the time, or don’t like going to the doctor (among other reasons cited). Also, nearly half of adults said they have avoided at least one common health screening.

However, the survey also revealed that 51% of respondents who have had cancer say their diagnosis came as a result of a routine checkup or screening. For the other 49%, that means the cancer likely was first detected through a physical symptom… the kind often noticed only when the cancer has reached its later stages, lowering the odds of a successful outcome while significantly increasing the cost of treatment.

Numbers like these reinforce the importance of regular wellness exams and screening tests, in order to detect cancer and other chronic conditions as early and possible. MedBen WellLiving offers customized wellness guidelines for employees and their families, including tips for the prevention and early detection of the most common cancers. We also provide education about positive lifestyle changes and wellness testing, including a monthly WellCare newsletter.

In addition, MedBen WellLiving promotes primary prevention through building and maintaining a relationship with your primary care physician. Learn all the ways our wellness program reduces chronic conditions – and lowers health care costs – by calling 888-627-8683.