Wellness exam - blood pressure checkIf you’ve been putting your annual wellness exam off until the last minute, the clock is ticking for 2021! There are two critical reasons to call your primary care physician today:
  1. Your plan may require you to get your wellness exam by December 31 to stay compliant – and failure to do so could affect your monthly premiums.
  2. As the year winds down, your doctor’s calendar fills up, so it gets increasingly harder to schedule an appointment before 2021 ends.
MedBen WellLiving emphasizes the importance of compliance with exams and recommended screenings. Ongoing progress reports help employers track member compliance and prevalence of chronic conditions. Members, too, can check their compliance by visiting MedBen Access online or via our mobile app.
Discover all the benefits of adding MedBen WellLiving to your health plan by calling your broker or our Sales & Marketing team at 888-627-8683.