hands on keyboardLast week, MedBen sent every client contact an e-mail requesting their feedback… and with good reason. Whether it be complimentary or critical, MedBen relies on your feedback to ensure that a benefits solution is working, to develop new or revamped services, or when necessary, to make a course correction. And if you wish to single out a MedBen employee for praise, we’d like to know that, too!

If you received an e-mail with the subject line “We welcome your feedback!” on January 6 and haven’t responded to it yet, we encourage you to take a moment to do so. And if you did not get an e-mail, please contact Senior Marketing Specialist Chuck Jindra at chuckj@medben.com, and he’ll be happy to see you receive it.

Of course, if you ever have a comment, concern, question or suggestion, you are always welcome to contact MedBen directly – be it through your Account Representative or anyone else. Just call us at (800) 423-3151.

Once again, thanks for your continued relationship with MedBen!