In September 2022, Zelis acquired Payer Compass and its reference-based pricing products. In March and April 2023, Zelis began the re-branding of Payer Compass with changes to its social media accounts, web-based portal tools, and email addresses.

Now, Zelis has begun the process of transitioning all service functions, including member and employer group facing communications, from Payer Compass to Zelis.

If you access Payer Compass services through MedBen, you and your members will begin seeing emails, forms, and other communications from Zelis, rather than Payer Compass. This is part of the acquisition transition process. It is our understanding that services are not changing and that the same team that has worked at Payer Compass now works for Zelis.

If you get anything from Zelis that concerns you, or you have questions or issues about Zelis’ service, please reach out to your Account Management Team who will be happy to look into it.