Hard though it may be to believe, we’re more than halfway through 2023. For flexible spending account (FSA) users, it’s an opportune time to check balances and stock up on summer supplies that can be purchased with FSA funds.

FSA Store offers a variety of FSA-qualified seasonal items, such as sunscreen, lip balm and prescription sunglasses. Plus, when you use your MedBen FSA debit card at the FSA Store, you don’t need to substantiate your purchase.

It’s easy to check your FSA balance with MedBen Access. Just log in and select “FSA/HRA Inquiry” from the “My FSA/HRA” drop-down menu. Or use your mobile app and press “My FSA/HRA” on the main menu – you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “MedBen,” or just scan this QR code!

If your plan offers FSAs, please feel free to download and distribute this FSA Store flyer with a $5 coupon. And if you’re not offering FSAs and would like more information about their advantages, contact MedBen Marketing at 888-627-8683.