Substantiating purchases made with a health flexible spending account (FSA) is crucial for ensuring eligibility for pre-tax status…so much so, that earlier this year the IRS released a memorandum stressing its importance. To make the process as straightforward as possible, MedBen offers several ways for your plan members to substantiate their FSA purchases.

  • Online/mobile: The fastest and easiest way to send in FSA substantiation is by uploading them to the MedBen Access website or via our mobile app. MedBen has created information sheets for both the online and mobile versions that you’re welcome to download and distribute to members.
  • E-mail, fax or regular mail: Members can fill out and send to MedBen an FSA Reimbursement Request Form, available from the Forms page on (This page also contains other useful FSA documents, including employee guides and examples of qualified medical expenses.)

Forms of substantiation include provider bills or receipts, prescription receipts, explanation of benefits (EOB) statements, and certain store receipts.

To make things simpler still, members can use their MedBen debit card to purchase many FSA-eligible products with no substantiation required! And for even greater convenience, FSA Store offers over eligible 4,000 health items, removing the qualification guesswork. Please feel free to download and distribute this FSA Store flyer with a $5 coupon.